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The Best Skin Firming Devices For Aging Skin

As we age, our skin’s natural elasticity and firmness naturally decrease hair care. While
wrinkle-fighting formulas and tightening eye creams are helpful, they can’t quite
compare to the skin-sculpting results of a professional treatment or an at-home
device that uses radio frequency to stimulate cell renewal.

The 9 best microcurrent devices for a sculpted face | CNN Underscored
These devices—which include handheld wands, compact massagers, and even an
app-controlled facial mask—use safe levels of radio frequency (RF) waves to
penetrate deep into the skin’s layers and stimulate cell renewal and collagen
production, which helps firm sagging skin and give you a more youthful look. “The
heat generated by these RF waves helps tighten sagging skin and promotes the
production of collagen and elastin to improve the appearance of fine lines and
wrinkles,” says Nazarian.
Whether you’re looking to boost your antiaging routine or hoping to avoid the signs
of aging altogether, there’s a skin-tightening gadget out there for everyone. We’ve
rounded up the best skin-smoothing, pore-tightening and wrinkle-reducing products
that will help you achieve a more toned complexion, from gilded tools beloved by
celebrities and Vogue editors to affordable RF devices that won’t break your bank
The Vogue-Verified NuFace Facial Toning Device
This multitasking beauty tool has amassed a cult following among the star and
beauty editor set, thanks to its ability to target stubborn areas like crow’s feet,
nasolabial folds and forehead frown lines in just five to 20 minutes. The gilded wand
has a double drainage roller that’s designed to mimic the motion of an aesthetician’s
fingers for a sculpting effect and is best used after applying a conducting gel pre-use
to ensure it glides easily over skin.

What Is a Microcurrent Device—and How to Use One at Home
Unlike other handheld wands that use microcurrent to stimulate the face’s muscles,
the FDA-cleared HiSkin uses light therapy technology to target fine lines and
wrinkles. The LED light in this device targets a variety of wavelengths that are
shown to decrease pore size and encourage collagen production, and consistent use
is said to help reboot waning elasticity and firmness over time.
The HiSkin’s companion app provides an electronic analysis of your skin that
suggests which treatment is right for you. The app also teaches you how to optimize
your wand’s usage and how to use the device to its full potential.
NuBody RF Body Toning Device
This RF-powered device, which is available at Walgreens and Nordstrom, can be
used to firm and tighten the arms, abs and buttocks in just two to three weeks. It
comes with a wide range of treatment tips, from a UniLarge tip for larger areas to a
skin-resurfacing eye tip and even a cellulite-massaging tip.
While these gadgets are generally safe to use, Zeichner points out that they may
not be as effective—or as quick to show results—as in-office RF treatments. And
Nazarian warns that if you have a medical implant, this device may cause mild

irritation or discomfort. But if you can keep your expectations in check, this gadget is
worth a shot. Just don’t expect miracles: Improvements are likely to be subtle, but
the more you use it, the more your results will build up over time.

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