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Receive the welcome bonus yourself

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Do you also want to receive a welcome bonus at an online casino บาคาร่าออนไลน์ ไทย ? Then you will first have to create an account. This is possible by filling in the registration form of a casino site and not difficult at all. As soon as you have completed the registration form, you can start immediately as a gambler. Of course you have to take into account that you will have to be 18 years or older to be allowed to play at a casino at all. Have you created an account? Then you can log in for the first time to play. 

The welcome bonus is paid out on the first deposit you make and based on a percentage. We must also note that it can also happen that you can get the welcome bonus in several parts. If this is the case, it will of course be indicated immediately upon receiving the bonus. Ultimately, this can result in hundreds or even thousands of euros in bonus money.

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Deposit for the maximum bonus

The welcome bonus is only issued once at an online casino joker โบนัส 100 เทิ ร์ น น้อย. This means that it is not possible to create multiple accounts and get the welcome bonus several times. To take full advantage, we recommend that you always go for the maximum bonus. How can you do this? Deposit enough to receive the maximum welcome bonus at a casino. If a casino gives a 100% welcome bonus up to, for example, € 300, you will have to add an amount of at least € 300 to your account. This way you immediately receive the maximum bonus. Everything you deposit more is not calculated with bonus credit. You can of course gamble with it to win. In addition to the welcome bonus, free spins are often also given. Usually a minimum deposit is enough to receive the free spins bonus, but beware. The amount of the bonus credit will suffer.

Conditions for a welcome bonus

As you have read, you can get a casino bonus quite easily. We do have to explain that you will never be able to pay out a welcome bonus in money immediately. After all, if casinos would allow them, they will not exist long. To keep it fair for everyone, you have to clear the welcome bonus. 

What do you have to do to be able to clear welcome bonuses from online casinos? 

That is the money you get to use on the available casino games. If you are going to gamble with this money, you often have to bet it about 30 to 40x on, for example, the slots that are offered by a casino. Do you comply with the number of days that is usually used of a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 90 days? Then a payout will be possible. You can always see in your account whether you have already released the money. You can then easily request payouts, after which you will receive your money from your own bank account.


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